fl studio harmony and chord progressions music theory course
fl studio harmony and chord progressions music theory course

Welcome in our Full Course

Chords & Progressions

Over +6 hours of pure knowledge - advanced mixing Trap & EDM House. Including industry level vocal production. Get to the Next Level. Now.

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Welcome in our Full Course

Chords & Progressions

Come up with your own AMAZING Harmonies, Chords & Progressions in matter of minutes.
No knowledge required. Applicable for All Genres

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12 Years of Experience In One Pack

Imagine you sit down in your studio and from the first click you come up with harmonies just like the ideas in your head or your favorite producers. In this course we're taking you through everything you need to know about writing Harmonies and Theory Behind it.

Skip Years of Your Learning Curve

It's just like we were sitting side by side in the studio with you - we share all our knowledge and give you practical and detailed examples on how to WRITE HIT SONGS.

Improve Musically

No more random notes and wondering around the Piano Roll with hope for cool sounding harmony. After this course you will be able to sit down and write advanced chords that sound great with each other.

Let's Get Started!

Nobody said it will be easy, you will need to take your time and study the course in depth - but if you finish we GUARANTEE that you will be able to write your own Chords & Progressions in matter of minutes.

Course Overview:

After this course YOU will:

  • 💡 Put your ideas into Piano Roll in minutes
  • 🗝️ Know the Unspoken Formulas for great harmonies.
  • 🎹 Easily come up with Chords for Hip-Hop, EDM, Jazz & more!
  • 👂 Know In depth Theory Behind everything you hear
  • 🔎 Be able to analyze any song, learn and apply it on your tracks
  • ⏱️  Know Best Tools & Shortcuts inside FL to write Chords FAST

Additionally you get:

  • ✔️ Structured 30+ Step By Step easy to follow lessons
  • ✔️ Uncovering every corner of theory behind chords
  • ✔️ 3+ In-depth songs analyzing sessions
  • 🗂️ E-Book, PDFs & Cheat Sheets - to easily remember everything!
  • Are you ready? So let's get started!

Course Preview:

Click to watch one of the lessons from the course.

Lesson 9 - Inversions

Lesson 18 - Arpeggios

You're just 1 step away...

Nothing to loose, EVERYTHING to gain!

100% Money Back Guarantee

All our courses come with 100% money back guarantee. Yes! We’re so proud of our Courses that we GUARANTEE you’re gonna love them - or you get 100% refund. No questions asked.

FAQs & Software requirements

  • No software requirements!

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Hey guys,

This is Max from FLTips. You know me from the Instagram videos as well as our YouTube channel. We gained over 500k followers across all platforms already. I will show you shortcuts for your career as a music producer - get to the big results faster!

After training thousands of producers we developed a formula to get your skills to the next level in no time. We focus on structured, step by step, easy to consume knowledge to achieve industry level sound. We go into great detail and show everything you need with in-depth examples. You won't find anything like this on the internet.

See you inside!

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