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From: Max - Head of FLTips

Updated: 19 March 2023

There is a big difference between making music...

and making incredible productions that impact people's lives and get 100k+ plays. (would you agree?)

At FLTips, with over 500k followers across all mediums, we had unique opportunity to study thousands of producers and their music, to see what made some producers successful, and the other ones not...

We realized that it had almost nothing to do with:

  • Amount of tutorials you watch
  • Plugins or Software you have
  • Or EVEN how long you're producing for

But over the years we found that it's all about:

  • Your ability to distinguish a great sound from the mediocre one
  • You knowing the FORMULAS (if X then do Y) behind achieving outstanding result
  • You knowing what technique, when and WHY needs to be used to make it sound amazing
  • Your ability to remember every trick and technique to use it in the right moments

In short, if you want to suceed FAST, you need a Bulletproof System.

Seeing that gap, over the years we developed a STEP BY STEP SYSTEM that enable hundreds of our students go from trying some music production in their bedroom to signing their tracks to major labels and getting placements with major artists...

From trying to figure out the DAW to selling their music and services online - completely skipping the Trial & Error phase that takes years (even decades!).

Systems that you find inside of the Academy already transformed live of:

  • Chris, a complete music production novice who had never even touched an instrument, used our system and within months he released a track on his favorite YouTube Label, gaining hundreds of fans and streams in the first few weeks.
  • Kevin, a young beatmaker obsessed with the trap genre, struggled to find his unique sound. After joining our program and following the process, he soon became a go-to producer working with up-and-coming rappers, even landing a feature on a mixtape from one of Global Top 200 list.
  • Sarah, a struggling musician who couldn't seem to make her mark, discovering our program and now kick-started her career and became sought-after music producer, working with top artists in her genre.
  • Carlos, established producer who dreamt of working with artists like Travis Scott & Future, took the plunge with our Academy and quickly improved his melodies, drums & mixing, that enabled him to finally get a growing list of placements with rising stars in the scene, and his beats are being played on radio stations across the country.

And the list goes on... Look, I could easily write an entire book with hundreds of success stories just like this…

Because we've tested systems that you find inside of the Academy with over 10 000+ students, across various genres and niches!

From bedroom beatmakers to ambitious producers working with multi-platinum artists, our Ultimate Producer's Bundle has helped them all...

To generate a wave of creativity, skill, and success that has completely transformed their careers!

So, whether you're just starting out or looking to take your production game to the next level, our system is designed to support you every step of the way.

It's time for you to say goodbye to aimless hours spent on random YouTube videos, hoping for that elusive breakthrough.

And make your mark on the industry!

So, do you want to...

  • Skip YEARS Wasted on Trial & Error and Wrong Guidance?
  • Learn Secrets of Achieving Industry Level Sound & Get Recognized by Artists, Labels & Clients?
  • Turn Your Ideas Into Reality Just Like You Imagine It?
  • Finish 10X More Music & Boost Your Workflow like Never Before?
  • Make Music So Good That You Can Start Charging for Your Productions AND Make a Living as a Music Producer?

For Less than a single lesson ?

Then This Program is for You.

What do you get by joining FLTips Academy?

320+ Lessons & Intense Trainings in 4 Modules

The Biggest Suite of Music Production Lessons that will take you to the next level in every aspect of your music career. Step By Step & Easy to Follow.

20+ Sound Libraries, Templates & E-Books

Ultimate Collection of Top-Tier Packs & Sound Libraries. Same sounds used by World-Class producers giving you all tools needed hit the charts.

Student Discounts On 1000s of Major Plugins

As member you are eligible for exclusive student discounts up to -50% on Major Plugins. So you save more than you invest.

60-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

If this program hasn't completely SKYROCKETED your career we will refund 100% of your money back. Even after you consume it ALL.

Life-Time Access

Join once and access everything  for life (even after we raise the price).

See what's inside

Module 1

Cut 5 YEARS of Your Learning Curve

"So much better than all the YouTube tutorials!"

FL Studio Beginner and Harmony Courses Bundle

DAW Accelerator - Skyrocket Your Skills

Quickly transform from a beginner to an advanced DAW user with our proven formula. In this module you will master everything you need to make your first professional song from Start to Finish. From navigating your DAW to programming drums, installing instruments & all you need to start putting your ideas into the computer.

  • Execute & put ideas into your computer with no figuring and hesitation.
  • Navigate the DAW & master all common & secret features
  • Learn about necessary equipment, useful websites, plugins & workflow of PROs

12 Years of Music Theory Experience

Discover the secrets to creating breathtaking harmonies, chords, and progressions in minutes – no prior knowledge needed. Absorb years of learning & expertise condensed into a single, easy to consume package. From understanding scales and simple triads to advanced harmony & chord structures, until you have mastered the art of writing professional harmonies.

Full FL Studio Harmony Course
  • Create HIT harmonies & chord progressions effortlesly in minutes - not hours.
  • Unspoken formulas and advanced techniques for writing catchy harmonies
  • Learn to effortlessly analyze any song and apply what you hear on your tracks
Module 2

Industry PROs Take You By Hand From an Empty Project to Club-Ready Product

"Now everytime I sit down to make a new track it turns into a banger. I LOVE waking up to this feeling!"

Fl studio hard trap course

Start to Finish Course: Hard Trap

From choosing right BPM, sketching melody & drum ideas, trough finding vocalists, to final tweaks on the master. We're uncovering all secrets for radio-ready productions. We make this exact song step by step. We skip NO part.

  • Master the art of crafting hard-hitting drums, emotional melodies, and FX that form the backbone of Top-Chart Hits.
  • Learn secrets of achieving professional quality mix and master, productions sound polished & loud on every sound system.
  • Industry-level vocal production techniques to make your music stand out in a competetive market.

Start to Finish Course: Melodic Drill

Learn making industry-level productions straight from the PROs. Explore psychological reasons that make Professional Productions hit the Global Charts (spoiler alert - it's much more than a "fire" beat and nice vocals). So by the end you will boost your confidence and learn to pick elements that go well together - fast, making every minute in the studio count.

Fl studio future bass
  • Learn Psychology behind Professional 1B+ Productions - instruments, melodies, drums, vocals & structure.
  • Explore Formulas for Memorable and Catchy Melodies that stay in your listeners minds and that all artists are looking for
  • Get to know all best paid & free instrument VSTs, shortcuts and techniques of World-Class Producers
Fl studio future bass

Start to Finish Course: Future Bass

Hard-hitting bangers have a formula behind them - powerful drums, correctly layered synths & catchy vocal chops. We Remix a track into a Banger Future Bass with Orchestral Elements - listen yourself!
You get exclusive look into the in-depth production process with all tips, tricks and project files for your disposal. From your first kick to a mastered Future Bass track

  • Master layering instruments, chords & drums into clean & powerful spectrum that will drop jaws of your listeners
  • Learn elements of Orchestral Scoring and using it to super-charge modern electronic music
  • Create Vocal Chops & Remixes in your own unique style & extract vocals from any song.

Sit side by side in the studio with Professionals & learn the in-depth process of creating a track from Start to Finish.

Learn princpals & advanced techniques for creating professional sounding productions & learn applying them on your own tracks.

INCLUDED: All project files (professionally mixed & mastered files), sounds & bonus blueprint cheat sheets for each course in the program. 

Module 3

Become MIXING & MASTERING Prodigy & Start Making Radio-Ready Mixes Without Spending Any Extra $$$ For Software 

"Imagine this, people literally started to ask for my mixing rates. The course paid for itself 4x already haha..."

FL Studio Full Mixing Course

2 Full Mixing Masterclasses

After Theoretical and Practical Training we we mix together from the complete ground up two songs - both including in-depth vocal mixing sessions. We uncover the blueprints for commercial-ready mixes and guide you step by step through applying all techniques on your own tracks just as we were sitting side by side in the studio.

  • Create Mind-Blowing Mixes everytime you sit down in the studio, without feeling stuck or lost
  • Best Acoustics & Room Treatment Hacks without spending thousands of $$$ on a re-model
  • Get to know about every technical corner, theory & reasons behind all mixing concepts
1st Track Preview

3 Full Mastering Masterclasses

Unveil the secrets to creating pristine, perfectly balanced, and powerful masters that will turn heads, no matter the listening environment – a smartphone, club, or car. Forget about 'Louder = Better' scheme and start creating the absolute best version of your tracks that will leave lables, artists and clients craving more.

FL Studio Full Mastering Course
  • Step by Step System for Insane Masters, Without Years of Experience or Expensive Plugins
  • Access PRO mastering chains, cheat sheets, presets & templates saving you hours (if not days) of hard work
  • Learn every technical corner & theory behind all Mastering concepts. From decibels, through multiband expansion to intersample-peaking
Module 4

Turn Ideas into Full Songs In Minutes. Not Days.

"I knew my music was missing something, but I just couldn't tell what. After following this course, my productions improved DRASTICALLY."


Arrangements & Music Storytelling Course

Imagine turning all your 8 Bar loops & ideas lying in your folder into Fully Arranged & Finished tracks that impact your audience, and attract clients & labels. In this 4-Module Full Course you become a Master Music Storyteller and learn hovw to make professional arrangements & structure tracks that make people put it on REPEAT.

  • Create the Repeat Factor through our Bulletproof Song Structures that make people listen to your tracks on REPEAT.
  • Turn loops into perfectly formed chart-ready songs time after time. 
  • Learn Music story-telling and crafting arrangements that turn your boring tracks into masterpiece

Access Sound Libraries Used By Top Chart Producers

Equip the hand-crafted and fine-tweaked sound libraries that are designed to put you ahead of the crowd. Fully processed, layered and professionally designed drums, kicks, hats, snares, claps one-shots, atmospheres, melody loop kits, chords, song-starters, melody mixer presets, captivating instrument presets, vocals, acapellas, hooks & more.

Gold in = Gold out, that's why we equip you in the highest quality assets. The same sounds used by the industry PROs, so nothings stands in your way of achieving EXTRAORDINARY results.

Access the most complete bundle of 2000+ Premium Sounds, 350+ Instruments & Mixer Processing Presets, 300+ Melody Loops & Song Starters - your soon to be go-to library no matter the style.
Level Up your productions overnight.

Sound Pack Spotlight:

Supreme Drum Sample Pack vol. 1

Supreme DRUMS

Access the most complete bundle of 2000+ Premium Sounds, 350+ Instruments & Mixer Processing Presets, 300+ Melody Loops & Song Starters - your soon to be go-to library no matter the style.
Level Up your productions overnight.

Get Instantly inspired and produce 5X faster with this bundle of 1000+ Unique Drag & Drop MIDI Harmonies, Chord Progressions, Melodies for All Genres (Trap, EDM, House, Hip-Hop, RnB, Pop...) & Hundreds of Instant Bouncy Drum, Hats & Loops to turn ideas into reality in less than it takes to make a cup of coffee. 

Join Thousands of Producers Transforming Their Lives As We Speak

But wait, there is more...

If you Order Now You Get Access to These FREE Exclusive Bonuses


$200 Value

💽 Copy & Paste Templates

After you learn producing AMAZING music - we need to speed up your workflow! Imagine yourself Collab with your favorite artists and explore every technique that differentiates amateur from professional productions. This Bundle of Project Files will save you DAYS of hard work.

Dive deep into professionaly produced, mixed & mastered tracks. Explore advanced techniques, automations & tools. Copy your favourite elements & use in your own productions! 


$150 Value

📚 200+ Tips & Secret Tricks

Want to NEVER run out of Fresh Ideas? This E-Book Trilogy is packed with hundreds of PRO Tips on Fighting the Producer Block, Mixing, Writing Melodies, Secret FL Tricks, production tips, marketing & many more!

PLUS every single GOLDEN tip & trick that we released on all of our 300k+ Instagram Channels at your finger tips in Full HD, with searchable descriptions. It is not available anywhere else.


$200 Value

Personal Feedback Coupon

Get our Team of Producers, Mixing & Mastering Engineers to give you in-depth and personal feedback on your music or your career and give you detailed strategy plan on what to EXACTLY work on next.

WARNING! To ensure the highest quality, we can ONLY offer it to 30 Students every 30 days. If you read this, then it's still available for this month.


$1000+ Value

Student Discounts on 1000+ Plugins

We partnered with several plugin manufacturers so you as our Academy member can access exclusive student discounts up to -50%.

Purchasing even 2 plugins can save you more than you invest by joining to Full Bundle today!

ONLY 2 Available as of Today

Price of a Single Lesson.
Designed for Massive Success. 


Student Discount on Plugins

  $1000 Value

We negotiated an exclusive discount for our students for hundreds of plugins from major plugin manufacturers such as XLN Audio, Waves, 

So you save more than you invest in Full Bundle and get it practically for free.

All Full Length Courses (320+ Lessons)


All Sample Packs (2500+ Sounds)


All Preset Packs (300+ Instruments)


All MIDI Packs (600+ Melodies & Chords)


BONUS All Templates


BONUS All E-Books


BONUS Feedback Coupon


BONUS Student Discounts on 1000+ Plugins


BONUS Student Discounts on Major Plugins


TOTAL PRICE if purchased separately


You Invest Today:

$497 $297

If you use plugin discounts


60-day Money Back Guarantee.
Even after you finish the program - decide inside!

INSANE Results or Your Money Back

100% Money Back Guarantee

There is no better investment than yourself. But here is no downside risk.

If this program hasn't completely SKYROCKETED your music & skills we will refund 100% of your money back immediately. Not 48 hours. You have 60 Days - Even after you consumed everything - just write us an email at 

Decide Yourself Inside!

But... "I can learn a lot on YouTube"

You might, but you will never get exhaustive, structured, step by step knowledge from a team of professional instructors that actually got rapid results for their students. Here you get a full blueprint that has been proven to cut years off the learning curve for thousands of our members.

But... "It’s too expensive"

Universities range from $24,273 up to $87,278 per year. And you get all upsides + some. Exceptional knowledge, at your own pace, personal feedback, exclusive discounts on plugins & more.

Premium Beat Leases start at $400 (Exclusive at $1000+). Standard Mixing & Mastering rates average $500.

For a fraction of the price of any of these you get a full start to finish system to literally start making a living off music. And if you don’t like it in the first 60 days - you get a 100% refund.

But... "I don’t have time"

The program is 100% self-paced, so you can complete every module whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you, whether you're an early bird or a night owl.

It takes about 6 weeks of 45 minutes a day to finish the whole program, but you will see and hear results in the first 4 days (or first afternoon).

But... "I'm already pretty good, I'm not going to learn much"

We cover all skill levels and all major electronic music genres. From complete day 0, through intermediate (1-3 years of experience) to advanced (5-20 years). We share techniques gathered through decades of professional work and experience working and getting results for our students.

But you’re right, you cannot make an uninformed decision. The only way you can make the right decision is inside. That’s why you have 60 full days to test-ride everything and decide yourself inside.

But... "I don't have ANY software"

Majority of our students do not have any software purchased. And that's why we focus on building your skills on only the software you already have or can land your hands on for free, so in the moment you get to the paid stuff - your capabilities are through the roof!

At later stages we also show best paid software and its free alternatives, however everything inside this program you can finish with $0 in software and trial version of your DAW.

But... "I don't know ANYTHING about music and I'm a hard learner"

You're in the best hands. We've helped 1000s of novice producers & hobbysts to get to expert level and beyond. From signing their tracks on labels to selling their services locally and online.

We go through every detail of achieving great results in easy to follow plain-english manner.

There are two ways you can go from here.

You move on and try to figure out all the steps, tips, tricks and secret techniques we learned through over a decade - all by yourself and waste years of your time learning when and how to apply them... 

Or you get our proven Step By Step System TODAY and in less than few weeks from now you will be years ahead of other producers. You will know all the techniques and have all the resources & knowledge how to level up your skills even after you finish the program.

More Success Stories...

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