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fl studio mastering start to finish full course
fl studio mastering start to finish full course

Welcome in our Full

Mastering Course

From understanding the process & theory, to mastering your and Your Clients' music Like a PRO. Learn Everything you need to do INSANE Mastering of ALL GENRES. Over 4+ hours, 40+ lessons & Crazy BONUSES.

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Master Mastering in 4 Steps

Mastering is much more than loudness & checking your song. In this course we guide you trough every step of achieving clean, balanced & hard-hitting Masters that will sound great on your phone, club, car and every listening environment. No more Louder = Better scheme. All that to make sure the material you send to Label, Artists & Your Clients are in the VERY BEST version.

1. Theory & Concepts

Learn all terms and concepts behind Professional Masters. It's Complete Compendium of every Mastering Engineer. Everything you need in one place.

2. Master Fundamentals

How does it differ from our other Courses? Simple - here we go in-depth into theory, Mastering Specific techniques & principals. All using Best Available & Stock VST.

3. Advanced Techniques

From cleaning up the low end to jaw dropping chain structures. From in-depth multi-band enhancements, to perfect balance techniques. We explain every action we take or don't take.

4. Apply & Repeat

We master together 3 different songs and give tricks to every each individually. So you can learn genre specific skills to make great masters, no matter what genre you produce.

After this course:

📔 You will know every technical corner & theory behind all Mastering concepts

💻 Best VSTs, Shortcuts and Techniques of PRO Engineers use will be no more foreign to you

🧠 You will learn Untold Principals of Mastering that will boost your producer confidence

🎛️ Making your track punchy & hard hitting on all volume levels will be no more a mystery

💡 You will know Best Acoustics & Speaker Set-up for Mastering

🌱 You will learn Secret Mastering Tricks for bringing your tracks to life

The Professional Mastering Engineer FAST LANE

Learn all techniques and become a Professional Mastering Engineer. Make tracks sound hard & punchy on all listening systems, all loudnesses No matter the genre. Dive deep into the process just as we were sitting side by side in the studio. You won't find ANYTHING like this on the internet.

In over 40+ lessons...

You will learn every detail of professional sounding masters. We explain reasons behind every action you might or shouldn't take. So after, you will be ready to Master your own songs with no doubt and hesitation.

BONUS #1 Templates & Presets 

ALL project files (chains, presets & automations techniques) we use in the course. PLUS - Custom Mastering Template, Patcher Presets & Mixer Channel Presets that will save DAYS of your work.

BONUS #2 Checklists & Extra PDFs

You get access to bonus PDFs & Infographics such as: Mastering Cheat Sheet, Best Free & Paid Mastering plugins, & many more to make sure you get 101% out of the course.

.... By Thousands of Producers

After training and working with thousands of producers, we know exactly what it takes to boost the learning curve, and take your skills to the next level.

Official Certificate

After finishing the course & passing the final test you will get our Official Certificate.

Free Preview

Click to watch one of the lessons from the course.

Tracks we Master Together

After several theoretical and practical lessons we are Mastering 3 tracks, learning Best Available plugins & Free/Stock alternatives. You will learn advanced techniques and understand the reason behind every process.

Join Thousands of Producer Elevating Their Skills As We Speak...

or Your Money Back!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If this program hasn't SKYROCKETED your skills & productions we will refund 100% of your money back. 30 Days - Even after you watched the whole course - just write us an email at support@fltips.com.

Decide Yourself Inside.

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FAQs & Software requirements

  • FL Studio 20 or higher - Nothing Else!

Optionally - iZotope Ozone, FabFilter MB & Saturn
However, we teach you that to get amazing masters you don't need any 3rd party plugins.We will also use stock plugins & couple of amazing Free plugins as well

Your Instructor


Hey guys,

This is Max from FLTips. You know me from the Instagram videos as well as our YouTube channel. We gained over 500k followers across all platforms already. I will show you shortcuts for your career as a music producer - get to the big results faster!

After training thousands of producers we developed a formula to get your skills to the next level in no time. We focus on structured, step by step, easy to consume knowledge to achieve industry level sound. We go into great detail and show everything you need with in-depth examples. You won't find anything like this on the internet.

See you inside!

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