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Learn techniques, secrets and formulas of Industry Level Mixes. Same formulas that enable our students to start making money on their services. For a fraction of a price of single mixing service.

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Our Bulletproof Formula for CRAZY GOOD Mixes. Everytime.

Do you feel like your mixes are not ready for major labels yet? Or maybe you’re already trained mixing engineer who needs to structure their knowledge and learn the shortcuts for amazing mixes? After talking with hundreds of our students & listening to thousands of tracks, we've put together a complete formula to achieve industry level mixes. In this +6 hours long course we show you step by step Everything you need to know & learn to achieve top chart ready tracks.

Balance Your Tracks

Learn all the necessary steps to make your tracks bang on every system and every volume! No more Louder = Better illusions, no more relying on luck! You will know exactly what to do next.

Find & Fix the Problems

Get to know all major problems that 90% failing musicians do. You control the music & mixes you make, no the other way around. Get to know how to get the powerful & full sound that will astonish everybody.

Apply Advanced Tehniques

We share with you everything that our team have learned through decades of production & engineering. Get to know secrets & formulas for amazing sound - straight from Top Tier Producers.


Professionalist is defined by repeating processes with the same great results. Learn to apply what you learn to your own tracks - every time. We explain & show examples so you know exactly how to use them in your own way.

After this course:

📔 You will know every technical corner & theory behind all Mixing concepts

💻 Best VSTs, Shortcuts and Techniques of PRO Engineers use will be no more foreign to you

🧠 You will learn Untold Principals of Mixing that will boost your producer confidence

🎛️ Making your track balanced & hard hitting on all volume levels will be no more a mystery

💡 You will know Best Acoustics & Speaker Set-up for Mixing

🌱 You will learn Secret Mixing Tricks for bringing your tracks to life

"People started to ask me for rates to Mix their tracks..."

This Course is made for intermediate producers who understand all basic concepts already. Enroll in our Full Beginner to Intermediate Course to make sure you are 100% ready! We won't go through Beginner stuff.

+6 hours of Step By Step Lessons

In over 44+ lessons you will learn every technique and detail of professional mixes. After the course you will be able to step by step achieve the exact sound you have in your mind with no hesitation nor doubts.

BONUS #1: 4 Advanced Project Files

You get access to Full Project Files (sounds, presets, midis). Dive deep into the professionally mixed Trap & House tracks, use as your Templates or start with the unmixed ones and follow along!

BONUS #2: Blueprints & Mixer Presets

Save DAYS with our Ultimate Mixing Blueprint FLP, Custom Mixer Channel Presets, Patcher Presets & many more - So you don't have to start from zero every time you start a new song!

BONUS #3: Mixing Checklist & PDFs

Mixing was never as straight forward as before! With this Formula Checklist you will never get lost or forget the NEXT STEP you need to take in your mix. PLUS: Free VST Must Haves, Best Paid Mixing plugins... 

Official Certificate

After finishing the course & passing the final test you will receive our Official Certificate.

Free Preview

Click to watch one of the lessons from the course.

Tracks we mix together

After Theoretical and Practical Training we we mix together from the complete ground up Trap and EDM songs - both including in-depth vocal mixing sessions. We're uncovering all secrets for commercial ready mixes, and go through everything step by step with detailed explanations just as we were sitting side by side in the studio. You get Full Project Files to Both of these tracks before & after mixing.


Trap 1 - Before
Trap 2 - Before


Trap 1 - After
Trap 2 - Ater


House 1 - Before
House 2 - Before


House 1 - After
House 2 - After

Join Thousands of Producers
& Get Your Mixes to The Next Level

or Your Money Back!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If this program hasn't SKYROCKETED your skills & productions we will refund 100% of your money back. 30 Days - Even after you watched the whole course - just write us an email at support@fltips.com. 

Decide Yourself Inside.

FAQs & Software requirements

  • FL 20 or higher - nothing else!

We're only using stock plugins & couple of amazing Free plugins as well. We also show what's possible with the best available plugins on the market.

Your Instructor


Hey guys,

This is Max from FLTips. You know me from the Instagram videos as well as our YouTube channel. We gained over 500k followers across all platforms already. I will show you shortcuts for your career as a music producer - get to the big results faster!

After training thousands of producers we developed a formula to get your skills to the next level in no time. We focus on structured, step by step, easy to consume knowledge to achieve industry level sound. We go into great detail and show everything you need with in-depth examples. You won't find anything like this on the internet.

See you inside!

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