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ULTIMATE Suite for Beginners and Advanced. Everything You need to SKYROCKET Your Productions, Release on Your Favorite Labels & Get Heard.

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"Possibly The Most Comprehensive & Fastest Way to Get From 0 to Expert Level Available Online..." 

From: Max - Head of FLTips

There is a big difference between making music...

and making incredible productions that impact people's lives and get 100k+ plays. (would you agree?)

At FLTips, with over 500k followers across all mediums, we had unique opportunity to study thousands of producers and their music, to see what made some producers successful, and the other ones not...

We realized that it had almost nothing to do with:

  • Amount of tutorials you watch
  • Plugins or Sounds you have
  • Or EVEN how long you're producing for

But instead it had everything to do with:

  • Your ability to distinguish a great sound from the mediocre one
  • You knowing the FORMULAS (if X then do Y) behind achieving desired result
  • You knowing what technique, when and WHY needs to be used to make it sound amazing
  • Your ability to remember every trick and technique to use it in the right moments

It all came down to their SYSTEM and ability to APPLY it in the Right Place

Seeing that gap, over the years we developed a STEP BY STEP SYSTEMS that enable hundreds of our students go from playing with music production in their bedroom to signing their tracks to major labels and getting placements with major artists...

From trying to figure out the DAW to selling their music and mixing services online - completely skipping the Trial & Error phase that takes years (even decades!).

This Bundle is an ULTIMATE Collection of Top Rated Courses Available Online, Sound Packs & Personal Supervision that transforms you into Advanced in less than 30 minutes a day - so you get ALL the skills needed to live the dream producer life.

Do You want to...

  • Skip YEARS Wasted on Trial & Error and Wrong Guidance?
  • Learn Secrets of Achieving Industry Level Sound & Get Recognized by Artists, Labels & Clients?
  • Turn Your Ideas Into Reality Just Like You Imagine It?
  • Finish 10X More Music & Boost Your Workflow like Never Before?
  • Make Music So Good That You Can Start Charging for Your Productions AND Make a Living as a Music Producer?
  • Get Personal Strategy & Feedback on Your Progress?

For Less than Single Mixing Service?

Then This Program is for You.

What do you get by joining FLTips Academy?

320+ Full Lessons
(40+ Hours of Training)

The Biggest Suite of Music Production Lessons that will take you to the next level in every aspect of your music career. Step By Step, Easy to Follow Lessons. 

20+ Sound Libraries, Templates & E-Books

Ultimate Collection of Packs & Sound Libraries used by Best-in-class producers so you get everything needed to get to the top of the charts.

Direct Mentorship and Exclusive Community

With this package, you get one-on-one attention from myself and my team. Access Exclusive Community to guide your every step of the way!

Student Discounts Up to -50% On 1000s of Plugins

As our Academy member you can access exclusive student discounts up to -50% on major Plugin Manufacturers. So you save more than you invest.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If this program hasn't completely SKYROCKETED your career we will refund 100% of your money back. Even after you consume..

Life-Time Access

Join once and access everything for life (even after we raise the price).

See what's inside

🚀 Cut 5 YEARS of Your Learning Curve

$150 Value

After training tens of thousands of producers, we know the exact formula & steps to get a Beginner to Intermediate in no time. This module will get you started and make you as experienced as 3 years trained producer. No BS. We Guarantee You that. 

Full Beginner to Intermediate Course

You learn FL inside out. Navigation, Interface, Piano Roll, Mixer, Instruments & more. You produce a song with Vocals, Full Arrangement & Your Sound Design! 

Harmony & Music Theory Course

Scales, Chords, Progressions, Secret Tools will be your second brain. After, you will build your own Harmonies in seconds. This is 12 years worth of Music Theory experience explained straight in simple English. 

beginner fl studio and harmony courses bundle

🔥 Let PROs Take You By Hand for BIG Results

$200 Value

There is no better way to learn that directly for the PROs. That's why in this Module you get ALL our Start to Finish courses, where you remotely sit side by side in the studio with the PROs and explore every single detail of achieving Top Chart Productions.

Hard Trap from Start to Finish

We released the track we made in this course - it hit 200k plays among all platforms within first 4 months after release. We literally build it together step by step just as we were sitting side by side in the studio.

Future Bass & Remixes Start to Finish

Hard-hitting bangers have a formula behind them - powerful drums, correctly layered synths & catchy vocal chops. We Remix a track into a Banger Future Bass with Orchestral Elements - listen yourself!

Melodic Drill from Start to Finish

Music is about psychology. And in this course you learn how to use that to your advantage. Get to know what instruments to chose, how to write melodies that stay in your listeners minds.

🎛️ Become MIXING & MASTERING Prodigy

$200 Value

Here you step on the next stage. On top of Top-Tier Mixing & Mastering Courses for All Genres, you get to know everything from the best room acoustics, absorbing materials, DIY tutorials, Studio Monitors placements, measurement systems & many more. You won't find anything like that on the internet.

Full Mixing Course from Start to Finish

You're guided through every detail achieving industry level sound. Step by step in structured way - until every single thing makes sense. This is The Best Mixing Course for Modern Producer.

Full Mastering Course from Start to Finish

No more louder = better. You get to know untold secrets & reasons behind the process of Mastering. After in-depth concepts & theory sessions, you learn to Master every musical genre like a PRO.

💻 Turn Ideas into Full Songs & Arrange Like a PRO

$97 Value

Imagine turning all your 8 Bar loops & ideas lying in your folder into Fully Arranged & Finished tracks that impact your audience, clients & labels. In this 4-Module Full Course you will become a Master Music Storyteller and will learn how to make professional arrangements & structure tracks like a PRO

Arrangements & Music Storytelling Course

In over 30+ Easy-to follow lessons you're guided through step by step process of professional arrangements. This is your ultimate guide for finishing more tracks and putting your ideas into frameworks of the PROs.

🥁 Get Sound Libraries Used By Top Chart Producers

$300 Value

Forget about BEAT BLOCK. This bundle of 560+ Drum Sounds, 300+ Presets, Melody Loops & MIDI Song Starters will be your go-to library whether you make Trap, Hip-Hop, Pop, Future Bass, House, EDM & many more. Only the highest quality sounds so you NEVER run out of ideas and quality!

Beat Essentials Sample Pack

Pure Essentials for Trap, Hip-Hop and all related genres. Sounds of your favorite artists at your fingertips.

Ultimate Future Sample & MIDI Pack

Hard-Hitting Drums & Songstarters for Future Bass, Dubstep, Future House, Hybrid Trap and all related genres. 

Spirits - Vocal Mixing Prests

Over 50+ Advanced Vocal Mixing Presets for EVERY type of vocal. Professionally crafted with complex chains to boost your workflow and give you sound of the PROs.

Memoriam Presets & MIDIs

Over 100+ Dirty and Organic Serum Presets & 100+ MIDI Song Starters for Instant Inspiration.

Sample packs Aria and nova vocal ambiences

Aria Vocals

600+ Vocal Runs, Hooks, Sustains & Convolver Presets to get Your instrumentals to the NEXT LEVEL.

Grand Vocals

400+ Vocal Adlibs, Doubles, Shouts & Phrases to Give your tracks a new life. 

NOVA Ambiences

200+ JAW-Dropping Soundscapes, Vocal Ambiences & Pads to fill up your track.

Paradigm Vital Presets

100+ Astonishing Presets for Free Synth Vital. The highest quality sounds with Bonus MIDI Song Starters.

Sample packs Aria and nova vocal ambiences
Sample packs Aria and nova vocal ambiences

DRAGON Mixer Presets

Over 50+ Mixer Presets to Turn Your Boring Melody & Harmonies  into a masterpiece in seconds. 

 TONAL One Shots

Forget about expensive plugins - this pack contains 100+ One Shot Instruments & Bonuses.

Gold Melodies Kit Vol. 1

40+ Melody Loops, 40+ FLPs & MIDIs to lay fundamental for your track in seconds. 100% Royalty-free.

Patcher Lords 

Our ULTIMATE Collection of the Best and Most useful Patcher Presets that cover over $1000 in Plugins Value.

Sample packs Aria and nova vocal ambiences
Sample packs Aria and nova vocal ambiences

Genesis MIDI Chord Pack

200+ MIDI Chords & Harmonies for Every Genre. Our Ultimate Collection of Drag & Drop Inspiration 

Destiny MIDI EDM Melodies

100+ Unique and Catchy EDM Melodies for your track. Get Inspired in seconds!


100+ Unique MIDI Melodies for Trap, Hip-Hop, RnB and all related genres. 100% customizable and royalty free.

MIDI Drum & Hat Loops

200+ Drag & Drop Drum MIDI Loops to Save hundreds of hours creating Drum Loops.

Sample packs Aria and nova vocal ambiences

Join Thousands of Producers Transforming Their Lives As We Speak

But wait, there is more...

If you Order Now you get access to
These FREE Exclusive Bonuses


💽 Release 10X More Tracks

   $100 Value

All Templates & Cheat Sheets

After you learn producing AMAZING music - we need to speed up your workflow! Imagine yourself Collab with your favorite artists and explore every technique that differentiates amateur from professional productions. This Bundle of Project Files will save DAYS over the next year.

Dive deep into professionaly produced, mixed & mastered tracks. Explore advanced techniques, automations & tools. Copy your favourite elements & use in your own productions! 


📚 200+ Tips & Secret Tricks

  $100 Value

Want to NEVER run out of Fresh Ideas? This E-Book Trilogy is packed with hundreds of PRO Tips on Fighting the Producer Block, Mixing, Writing Melodies, Secret FL Tricks, production tips, marketing & many more!

PLUS every single GOLDEN tip & trick that we released on all of our 300k+ Instagram Channels at your finger tips in Full HD, with searchable descriptions. It is not available anywhere else.


FLTips Membership Access

  $50 Value

What's a better way to Improve than under Professional Supervision?

You get Life-Time access to Community that's exclusive only for Our Academy Members. Ask questions, share your productions, tutorials & Best VSTs! FLTips Team is active and ready to answer your questions!


Personal Feedback Coupon

  $197 Value

Get our Team of Producers, Mixing & Mastering Engineers to give you in-depth and personal feedback on your music or your career and give you detailed strategy plan on what to EXACTLY work on next.

WARNING! To ensure the highest quality, we can ONLY offer it to 30 Students every 30 days. If you read this, then it's still available for this month.

ONLY 2 Available as of Today


Student Discounts on 1000+ Plugins

We partnered with several plugin manufacturers so you as our Academy member can access exclusive student discounts up to -50%.

Purchasing even 2 plugins can save you more than you invest by joining to Full Bundle!

ONLY 2 Available as of Today


Student Discount on Plugins

  $1000 Value

We negotiated an exclusive discount for our students for hundreds of plugins from major plugin manufacturers such as XLN Audio, Waves, 

So you save more than you invest in Full Bundle and get it practically for free.

INSANE Results in 7 days or Your Money Back

100% Money Back Guarantee

There is no better investment than yourself. But here is no downside risk.

If this program hasn't completely SKYROCKETED your music & skills we will refund 100% of your money back immediately. Not 48 hours. You have 60 Days - Even after you consumed everything - just write us an email at support@fltips.com. 

Decide Yourself Inside!

Price of a Single Beat Lease. Stays With You for Life.

All 8 Full Length Online Courses


All Sample Packs


All Preset Packs


All MIDI Packs


BONUS All Templates


BONUS All E-Books


BONUS Community Membership


BONUS Feedback Coupon


BONUS Student Discounts on 1000+ Plugins


BONUS Student Discounts on Major Plugins






If you use plugin discounts


One Payment & 60-day Money Back Guarantee.
Even after you finish the program - decide inside!

There are two ways you can go from here.

You move on and try to figure out all the steps, tips, tricks and secret techniques we learned through over a decade - all by yourself and waste years of your time learning when and how to apply them... 

Or you get our proven Step By Step System TODAY and in less than few weeks from now you will be years ahead of other producers. You will know all the techniques and have all the resources & knowledge how to level up your skills even after you finish the program.

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