Want to Arrange Your Ideas into Global Hits like a Pro? 

Our Easy-To-Follow System for Chart-Ready Arrangements That Hook Your Audience on REPEAT.

Arrangements & Music Storytelling Course
Arrangements & Music Storytelling Course

Arrangements & Music storytelling Course

Turn loops into perfectly formed chart-ready songs time after time. Learn fundamentals of perfect music storytelling and arrangements that will turn your boring tracks into masterpieces that people loop on repeat.



One payment & 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Turn Ideas into Finished Tracks in matter of mintues

You've got amazing track ideas, but feel stuck after making a loop? Maybe your tracks sound boring and dull? Then this course is for you!

You'll learn all the tricks and tips that pros use when arranging their tracks. It'll open up the reasons why certain arrangements work and why some don't. You can use this knowledge to turn your 8-bar loops into a full radio-ready 3-7 minute hit. At the end of the course, you'll understand the process of music storytelling through your songs. Allowing you to develop into an industry-ready songwriter and arranger.

Turn Ideas Into Full Songs

You'll learn importance of Arrangements, managing emotions through Music Storytelling & many more.

Learn Secret Techniques

Discover secret formulas, tips, and tricks for quick & powerful arrangements that impact people. Every type of musical genre.

Finish 10X More Music

You'll never get stuck again when turning your 8-bar loop into a fully-fledged masterpiece.

Get 40+ Industry Arrangement Templates

Put you tracks into Included Industry Standard Arrangement Templates in minutes

In This Course You Will...

📔 Learn shaping your listener's emotions through music storytelling

💻 Master tension and release and energy contrast that will turn your boring tracks into masterpieces

🧠 Turn tired 8 bar loops, into fully arranged and finished songs

🎛️ Learn detailed & Bulletproof Song Structures for all major genres that simply work.

💡 Learn modern tools to deliver creative arrangements for all your tracks in matter of minutes

🌱 Learn Secrets Techniques of REPEAT Factor used by the PROs to get to the TOP Charts 

Master Arrangements & Finish 10X More Tracks

After a theoretical part of the course we will put everything we learned into practice. We will show you how to take a short loop and arrange it into a full track. Exploring every possibility and reasons behind them. You'll be able to finish more tracks in minutes and get them release-ready sooner.

In over 30+ detailed lessons...

And over 4+ hours of step-by-step theoretical and practical training you will learn secrets of all types of arrangements and how to create musical stories that will engage and impact your audience. 

No matter the genre.

We cover every possible track arrangement for all musical genres and go into the characteristics of all song fundamentals. Trap, House, Pop, EDM, Hip-Hop, Radio, Club...

BONUS Arrangement Templates

Included with the course is a series of templates with tens of arrangements that have been extracted from top-chart hits. You can use these as the foundations of your own tracks in minutes without even going through the course.

.... By Thousands of Producers

After training and working with thousands of producers, we know exactly what it takes to boost the learning curve, and take your skills to the next level.

Official Certificate

After finishing the course & passing the final test you will get our Official Certificate.

Free Preview

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Join Thousands of Producers Elevating Their Skills As We Speak...

or Your Money Back!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If this course hasn't SKYROCKETED your skills & productions we will refund 100% of your money back. 30 Days - Even after you watched the whole course - just write us an email at support@fltips.com.

Decide Yourself Inside.

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FAQs & Software requirements

  • FL Studio 20 or higher - Nothing Else!

Optionally - iZotope Ozone, FabFilter MB & Saturn
However, we teach you that to get amazing masters you don't need any 3rd party plugins.We will also use stock plugins & couple of amazing Free plugins as well

Your Instructor


Hey guys,

This is Max from FLTips. You know me from the Instagram videos as well as our YouTube channel. We gained over 500k followers across all platforms already. I will show you shortcuts for your career as a music producer - get to the big results faster!

After training thousands of producers we developed a formula to get your skills to the next level in no time. We focus on structured, step by step, easy to consume knowledge to achieve industry level sound. We go into great detail and show everything you need with in-depth examples. You won't find anything like this on the internet.

See you inside!

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