So what happened?

After 4 years of FLTips being hosted under ProductionMusicLive we split into a separate website - (FL.Tips)


What that means exactly?

That means we can put higher focus on building the FLTips community and delivering more tutorials, more courses and more high quality content! 

For you as a customer - nothing changes!


If you bought our course at PML:


- You will be still able to watch them life-time at PML platform!


- You can still get a personal discount for Full Bundle upgrade on FLTips!


- You can still get a discount on new products if you own Full Bundle   


- You can still purchase FL products on - they will be available for next several months until the transition finishes.


New products will be available exclusively on


What happened to your Instagram channel?

Well... Instagram has deactivated our account - most likely temporarily. There was a mistake and while I have been listing all posts I've ever made - high amount of page refreshes and posts viewed led to servers marking my activity as suspicious. The account hopefully will be up and running soon. 


What can I do?

We're looking for producers, content creators, beat makers and many more! If you wish to join our team - get in touch!


I still will be working with PML and everything that's happening now is only the beginning of something even bigger than before!